Team Crispim BJJ Barra Brothers Takes Home 4 Victories with 2 Belts

Last weekend we wrote about all of the Team Crispim BJJ Barra Brothers Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champions from the US Open.  And this weekend, we are proud to announce all of our Team Crispim BJJ Barra Brothers MMA Fighters Victories.

Last night, our team headed out to Oakland to support 4 of our team members who would be fighting in the Bay Brawlers  MMA event.   We left the event with all 4 victories and 2 belts.

First up from our team was Ernad Rosic.  This was his second amateur fight and he earned an unanimous decision against Marc Talledo of Unlimited MMA in Miltpitas. Ernad displayed excellent jiu jitsu and almost finished the fight several times with a rear naked choke and an armbar!

Next,  Jeremiah Labiano (also our MMA fighting fitness instructor) fought Diego Cuenca out of FTCC in San Francisco.  Jeremiah earned an unanimous decision against Cuenca. Jeremiah showed a lot skills in a hard fight where he was able to combine all of the aspects of MMA, like good takedown defense and explosive stand up .  Jeremiah is now moving into the professional arena and will be making his Pro Debut at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds on December 10th at Impact Fights Recognition.  (Tickets are already available at the academy in Pleasanton.)

The final two fights for our team were Jared and Jordan Porter (“The Porter Twins”).  Both of these battles were for their respective belts.  First was Jared Porter.  Jared was originally supposed to be fighting for the 135 pound belt, but after multiple fighters backed out of this fight against Jared for a variety of reasons, he found out that his newest opponent was in a heavier weight class and they agreed to fight at 145 pounds.  Jared was up to the challenge and fought Cameron Daniels out of Gracie Fighter/Team Black.  Jared takes the unanimous decision and earns the belt giving an awesome show for the fans with his extreme speed in his stand up and  real crisp wrestling and jiu jitsu.

Jordan Porter was the last fight of the evening and he fought Joshua Berkovic out of El Nino Training Center/Fairtex San Francisco.   Jordan earns the 155 pound belt by unanimous decision in an exciting back and forth battle where Jordan showed not just his fighting skills but his heart!

All four of the Team Crispim BJJ Barra Brothers fighters had exciting fights and we are so impressed and proud of their performances.

Thank you to all of the team out of Pleasanton who were great training partners for our fighters and also to all of you who came and supported these guys at their fights.  And thank you to the incredible coaches we have at Crispim BJJ in Pleasanton for training these fighters daily and helping them to achieve their dreams,  Allan Maravilla, Joshua McDonald, and Daniel Elias.

Our next events will be the World’s No Gi, Charles Gracie Tournament and Jeremiah’s Pro Debut in Pleasanton.  Good luck to all of our teammates who are competing in these events.

For those of you who couldn’t be present last night, here is a link that has some great pictures and a play by play of the action- click HERE!

Also, here are a few links of interviews done by the Porter Twins.

Click Here, then Here and finally Here.


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